Plastic surgery can be for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Medically, plastic surgery helps patients who had accidents, previous surgeries, scars, and help restore the body or part thereof that had been damaged. But more often than not, plastic surgery is used for cosmetic reasons. This is called cosmetic surgery or cosmetic plastic surgery. If someone wants to have something about his or her physical appearance altered, then plastic surgery can be the way to go. 

There are numerous operations there is. But here are some of the most common of them. 

1. Dermabrasion  

Dermabrasion is a procedure that utilizes a particular apparatus that tenderly polishes epidermis through a non-abrasive sand-paper like tool. When the topmost film of the skin has been taken off, the region will start recovering and a new layer will replace the removed one. The final outcome is smoother skin.  

2. Facelift  

People get a facelift to address and correct loose skin that can be seen as sagging, drooping, or heavily wrinkled. This procedure includes lifting the skin and tissues are lifted, removal of extra skin, and realigning it.  

3. Lip Enlargement 

Lip enlargement expects to give a more full-looking lips to those who avail the procedure. Most commonly, dermal fillers are injected to the lips according to the patient’s desired shape and size. The result is a more volumized lips. Although it seems great, this procedure isn’t permanent. It can only last up to half a year. You’ll need to undergo another procedure if you want to keep your new lips. 

4. Hair Restoration 

Also called hair transplant, this is a procedure wherein bald spots are corrected. This is done by moving hair from an area with abundance, to an area where balding is apparent or present. A single course can transfer a lot of hairs. But remember we don’t have the same hair type. This implies that some might need more or fewer sessions. This procedure is not temporary. You won’t need another go unless you have another bald spot.  

5. Breast Augmentation 

This procedure functions in two ways. One, surgeons can change the size of the breasts. Two, he or she can change the shape of the breasts. If the former is performed, it can also be called breast implant due to the fact that an implant will be administered so the breasts increase in size.  

6. Liposuction  

Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from the body or parts thereof and helps bring it back to how it was or should be. The procedure is done by eliminating fat under the skin  

Restricted fat stores are evacuated legitimately underneath the skin by utilizing an apparatus that works like a vacuum. The area of the body that will undergo liposuction can undergo a separate procedure that will burn the fat before it is sucked in by the vacuum-like apparatus. The body parts that most people commonly get done are the abdomen, thighs, and arms. 

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